Lee Ann Piano

Lee Ann is an empowerment expert in the areas of Leadership Development and Women’s Empowerment. The Amped Up Leadership, Go For It and Increase Your Influence programs are loaded with tools, techniques, concepts and strategies for achieving next-level performance in both leadership and personal achievement.

She shares practical solutions for handling hard-to-handle people and situations, finding the right mentors, identifying and eliminating toxic thoughts, putting your dream to the test as well as finding the treasures in the trials of life. As a 17-year breast cancer survivor, Lee Ann knows firsthand how powerful determination and a positive mind-set can be.
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It’s time to unleash your capacity! Most of us get uncomfortable with what we perceive to be our limitations, we define our potential by what we believe to be our capacity instead of what is truly possible. Embracing the Go For It approach to life requires clarity, focus and a never give up spirit. Available on Amazon

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