In today’s workplace, many are confused over the difference between management and leadership. What is it that sets leader-managers apart from run-of-the-mill managers?

I give leaders a fresh vision of the leaders they can be now and in the future by teaching the fundamentals of John Maxwell’s proven methods found in his best seller: Developing The Leader Within You.

I offer three unique and powerful programs designed to fit your leadership development needs.

“Lee Ann, Thank you for delivering such a powerful Leadership Series! During the last 6 months we have seen positive changes in our mid-level management staff. Your Leadership Series was very effective as our turn over rate has decreased and culture has become more positive and productive. Thank you for yor training.”

~ Mark, Plant Manager
Mechanical Devices Company

Amped Up Leadership Keynote

Shift your mindset from manager to leader and master the strategies that will release a flow of passion, purpose and enthusiasm into your leadership and throughout the organization.

Take A-Ways:
Develop communication that truly inspires others
Five ways to build a high performance team
Discover your leadership “€œsweet spot”€ to create loyal followers